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Central HUB Studio

CO3 Animation Company Strengths

(LA, Toronto & Pune)

Creative and Management team's institutional knowledge and experience comes from years of working at the Major studios. We understand your needs

CO3 Animation has access to some of the top-level animation talent globally FLUX

Our proprietary system (FLUX) has integrated asset and version tracking, accessible from anywhere in the world

FLUX is security/compliant

Global SOP in place with a 24/7 production pipeline

Qualification for Canadian Tax Incentives

CO3 Animation is uniquely set up with top-tier Disney security for high-level confidentiality 

Hand Drawn Animation and Rough Animation (2D) Key Clean Up Animation Key Digital Animation Tones and Shadows

Complete CG (2D/3D) Pipeline (modeling, texture, rigging and animation)

Rough In-Between & Clean Up In-Between EFX (Houdini/Sim work)

Organic SFX


BG Paint


Ink and Paint



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